Automatic/dual clutch gearbox washing and service

Ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance

Autosport Service is able to intervene on automatic transmissions by having specific equipment for ordinary and extraordinary maintenance. 

We offer professional washing services and specialized service for the automatic transmission and dual clutch transmission of your sports cars. We understand the importance of keeping your vehicle not only clean and attractive externally, but also in excellent mechanical condition to ensure optimal performance and durability.

Our professional wash service is designed to remove dirt, stains and weathering from your car’s surface, keeping your paintwork shiny and protective. We only use high quality products and safe techniques to ensure a flawless result without damaging your car’s finish.

Furthermore, we offer a specialized service for automatic transmission and dual clutch transmission of sports cars. These transmission systems are complex and require special care to ensure optimal operation over time. Our team of expert technicians are trained and equipped with the skills to carry out thorough checks, maintenance and any repairs to ensure your car’s transmission runs smoothly and reliably.

Whether you need a simple wash to keep your car shining or a full automatic transmission/dual clutch service, you can count on the [Workshop Name] Workshop to provide you with professional, high-quality solutions. We are here to ensure that your sports car always enjoys maximum performance and that you can take full advantage of the driving experience.

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